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Reasonable Donations & Qualified Sponsorships. Company Crowdfunding.

Mor’s model relies on companies recognizing that Maternity Leave policies in the U.S. are fundamentally lacking and that supporting working parents is to everyone’s benefit.

The eventual average annual donation needed by a company will be so small (just $10/month or $120/annually) that it will be incredibly difficult to not participate. Additional funding will be sourced from Grants, Private Donations, and Large Corporate Sponsorships.

Mor is structured as a 501c(3) non-profit and relies on company donations & qualified sponsorships for funding, making every investment by a company fully tax-deductible.

Sponsors will receive prominent inclusion as a qualified sponsor in ongoing PR and Marketing efforts.

Learn more about the various sponsorship levels on our Donation Page.

Check out our Explainer Videos if you need more information, or reach out directly to schedule a meeting.



Reach out to learn more about our programs and schedule a time to chat to see if Mor is right for you!


We'd love to get together and discuss your company's participation in Mor.


Know a Mom or a company that you think should be part of Mor? Make a confidential referral and we'll take care of the rest.

A Few Notes.
What Mor is: A one-on-one coach. A helper. A safe place. A confidential conversation. A support system.  A consultant, when applicable. 

What Mor is Not: A therapist. A lawyer. A head hunter. A recruiter.  A doctor. Although, staffing goals!