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You’ve likely heard of coaching. No, not for teams like baseball or soccer. Life coaching. Business coaching. Health coaching. Everywhere you turn these days there’s a coach for that. But, have you heard of Maternity Coaching? Probably not. Our basic research shows that most people haven’t. In all honesty, for a few months, I thought I had kind of invented the idea. Or at least the revenue model (supporting new parents, but getting companies to pay for it!). But I didn’t. It’s actually a thing in Europe and catching on with big companies in major metros, which isn't surprising because they are often more progressive when it comes to anything maternity-related. 

Maternity coaching. Not a doula, not a therapist, not a mentor,  but an independent, completely confidential resource who will partner with a Momma as they prepare for Maternity Leave and Reentry.  Mor is a Maternity Coaching and consulting service, founded as a non-profit, focused on helping working Mommas and companies with communication, clarity, and support.  Our model relies on companies recognizing that our Maternity Leave policies in the U.S. are fundamentally lacking and that supporting working parents is to everyone’s benefit.

Mor offers Maternity Coaching to Mommas at no charge and is structured as a 501c(3) non-profit. Our funding model relies on small annual donations from lots and lots of companies.

I’ve been told it’s a stretch. That we are giving companies too much credit. But, I am an optimist and I believe in the program  I'm hoping that you’ll stretch with me and we’ll show our little community what real support for working Mommas transitioning into and back from Maternity Leave looks like. 

Check out our Explainer Videos to get a better sense of what we are trying to accomplish and to understand how a few innovative, early adopter companies can help us initiate the momentum we need to company crowdfund the program. 

Thanks for the time,

Blythe Carrillo
Coach + CEO + Founder