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Blythe Carrillo, Coach + CEO + Founder

Blythe is a certified coach (ICF, ACC) and marketer with over 20 years of work experience in a variety of industries. She's been dreaming of developing a way to support working Mommas for many years and has put together a strong program and talented board to help make it all come to life. Her experience with her own Maternity Leaves as well as those of direct reports, coworkers, and friends, in addition to filling in as a consultant for clients out on Mat Leave, has allowed her to witness the transition to working Momma from many angles.  As a wife and working mother of two, she intimately understands the demands and joys of working outside the home and the support that is needed to be successful. 


Tracy Kline, Coach + Board Member

Tracy is an executive coach driven by connection, focused on empowering choice and supporting change with her clients. She also has extensive experience in the mortgage industry and has worked with a wide variety of companies both big and small. Her dedication to the local community via various philanthropic endeavors and her most important title of Momma of two boys makes her a valuable coach and board member at Mor. 


Jeannine Hays, Board Member

Jeannine is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) with experience in a variety of settings for individuals, couples, and families. She currently works in an OB/GYN department supporting women pre and postpartum. As a mother of one with a husband who also works full-time, Jeannine brings first-hand experience of what the role of working mother entails, as well as extensive professional experience supporting and fostering various roles for pregnant and new mothers.

Zoe Kissam, Board Member

Zoe is a Marketing Manager with a focus on innovation and extensive schooling in herbal studies. She is also a wife and mother. With extensive longevity at her current company, Zoe has not only experienced her own transition into working motherhood, she has also witnessed and supported a number of coworkers and peers over that time in their own journeys. As a working professional, with a demanding job that often entails travel, Zoe has wisdom and practice finding satisfaction with work and family life.

Morgan Condie, Board Member

Morgan has enjoyed a varied communications and finance-focused career. She works a full-time job from her home office while choosing to maintain additional “side gigs” to foster career growth and additional income for her family. As a mother of two, with a husband who also works a full-time demanding job, she brings extensive personal and current experience with working, mothering and juggling it all.

Liz Knappen, Board Member

Liz is a Project Manager extraordinaire and intimately knows how organization, systems and keeping to deadlines can help any project stay on track, including being a working mother. As a mother of one, Liz understands the satisfaction of a rewarding career in addition to a fulfilling family life. Her project management expertise allows a unique perspective and  lens on programs and time management that is invaluable while juggling work and family.

Bill Drury, Board Member

Bill is an entrepreneur, experienced pharmaceutical executive and management expert, as well as a father. He offers great insight as a male member of our board with another perspective on being a working parent. As an incredibly active father, he and his previous partner co-parent, manage both of their careers, and juggle the complexities and intricacies involved with both.