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Mor is a Maternity Coaching and Consulting service, founded as a non-profit, focused on helping working moms and companies with communication, clarity, and support.

 What is a Maternity Coach?

A Maternity Coach is an independent, completely confidential resource who will partner with a mom as they prepare for Maternity Leave and reentry.

Through individual coaching sessions, Mor will work with a working mom to clarify intentions, set goals in any pertinent areas of work or life, work through any hardships, and curate strategies for moving forward.


Mor is for Working Moms.

Based on authentic programs, built by a mom, our mission is to raise awareness, through education and personal coaching, of the profound impact of having children on our lives, careers, and those around us.

Mor is also for Companies.

Mor works directly with companies as a consultant to ensure employees are prepared for maternity leave, a plan is in place for reentry, communication is clear, and managers or coworkers are supported in a cohesive strategy regarding employee leaves.