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Crowdfunded Rather Than Individually Funded.

Sorely lacking federal and state policies leave the burden on women to figure out how to manage their career and their family. Maternity coaching, via Mor, is offered to the working moms at no cost, funded instead by small donations from many companies.

Why Not Just Pay for the Program When it's Needed?

It’s a great question. Broader support for better leave practices spans political and gender lines. If you ask a room full of people if better policies should exist the majority will say yes. However, only 23% of Americans have access to paid family leave through their employer. It’s a case of intentions not matching reality.

Use Mor as an example. An investment of $1200 for one employee, at one time, could be tricky for many businesses. A fully tax-deductible qualified sponsorship of $120/annually that is accompanied by good press, access to resources, and overall sentiment of doing good for the community gets us to “yes” much faster.


Abundance vs. Scarcity.

What if a company never has an employee that uses the program?
What if a company has 20 employees that use the program?
What if a mom wants the full program and is capable of paying?

Mor relies on an abundance mindset – the belief that if we work together as a community there will be enough for everyone.

If a company never has an employee that uses the program directly, there will likely be an indirect connection via family, friends, or neighbors.

If a company reaps the benefits of many employees using the service, if and when capable they will up their donation.

If a mom can pay for the program, their donation will fund the program for another mom.

The program will keep paying it forward, reaching more moms.